About the Natural History Conservator

Photograph courtesy of Euan Cherry
Copyright © 2012 Lucie Graham

I’m Lucie and I’m a conservator of natural history/sciences and medical collections. I fix up all those dead bits you see in museums – all the brilliant bits that people love the most!

I completed my degree in Human Anatomy in 2009, and not wanting to go into a medical career I found myself a little stuck for a more creative scientific pursuit. When I said “I’m artistic but I love science” the advice from one of my lecturers was “errrm… a biology teacher who also teaches art”. No. Not for me thanks.

I started volunteering at the Victoria Gallery and Museum  at the University of Liverpool caring for the fluid collections for about 18 months before I was accepted onto a 12 month long HLF funded internship offered through ICON (the Institute of Conservation). I spent my first 3 months in the Conservation Unit at the Natural History Museum in London working with palaeontology and human remains. I then moved to the Lancashire Conservation Studios in Preston to work with leading taxidermy conservator, James Dickinson.

I finished my internship early to take up a conservation post at the Hunterian Museum at the Royal College of Surgeons in London before moving back to the Lancashire Conservation Studios. Currently funded by a QEST J. Paul Getty Jr. Charitable Trust Scholarship I am working as a Natural History conservator whilst receiving advanced training.

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