Courtesy of Euan Cherry
Copyright © 2013 Lucie Graham

Having not written a blog in 19 months my career has gone through changes so the name of my blog has changed to reflect my “graduation” from intern status.

Although known as a conservator now, we all know that conservation is about continuous training and learning, and I am currently in a training role supported by a Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust scholarship (QEST) and J. Paul Getty Jr. Charitable Trust.

Following my Icon internship, I spent just over 13 months at the Hunterian Museum at the Royal College of Surgeons in London. I moved on to the Lancashire Conservation Studio in Preston when I was awarded the QEST scholarship.

I was awarded my scholarship to work with James Dickinson, a natural history conservator and taxidermist for over 40 years. He is coming up to his retirement from the Lancashire Conservation Studios, leaving the last specialist natural history conservation post in the North of England.

QEST is an amazing organisation who supports craft and conservation professionals. They are the charitable wing of the Royal Warrant Holders Association and they support many incredibly skilled craftspeople from silversmiths to sculptors, as well as  many conservators and I would encourage you to read more about them if you’re looking for some funding and your flying the flag for craft and heritage.


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