Week 5 – 10th to 14th October – Consolidation, Consolidation, Consolidation

The upper surface of the Steneosaurus obtusidens fossil was consolidated to protect it for turning. This was a lengthy process. Initially I made up a thin adhesive (5% B-72 in acetone) to consolidate all the small cracks and fractures using thin soft brush. The deep fractures were carefully consolidated by dripping the adhesive in with a thin glass pipette.

Me enjoying consolidating!

Another adhesive of 40% B-72 in acetone was made up to stick back on fractured pieces. The left articular region on the posterior side of the specimen (named according to modern crocodile morphology) had crumbled away into 1 large and many small (and microscopic) pieces due to pyrite oxidation – so that spent away plenty of hours under the magnifier but made all the difference once done.

The left articular region before treatmentThe left articular region after consolidation

The left articular region after consolidation


Old AJK dough fills that had cracked needed to be re-filled – in order to do this most of these old fills needed to be removed. It was easy enough to do with acetone, a small palette knife and tweezers.

I helped package some very important specimens for transportation including a delicate Hypsilophodon foxii fossil skull. We used some fancy PELI hard shell cases to carry one of the most special specimens that would be hand carried. They had soft foam inserts but were replaced with a higher density conservation grade plastazote.

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